UEFA Champions League | Group D | Eintracht Frankfurt v Sporting | Highlights

Highlights from the UEFA Champions League Group D match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Sporting at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt

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  1. In football if u don’t take your chances, it will definitely come back to haunt u, the Frankfurt attack was so so poor & it cost them this huge loss….. their defense is even more terrible 🤷🏽‍♂️ looks like they just aren’t ready to play champs league….

    No wonder Pedro poro was on the wishlist of Real Madrid, Sporting Lisbon played as if they owned the Frankfurt stadium…

  2. Marcus Edward's articulista
    Porro vive o jogo
    Pote melhor companheiro de ataque
    Hoje a defesa esteve sólida
    Mas continuamos sem bons médios. Hoje fomos Ajax e Frankfurt scp. Kkkkkkk factor experiência conta muito. Abraços de Nampula Hizzy95.

  3. i am glad sporting destroyed frankfurt yesterday by 3 goals. if it werent for these goals i wouldnt have won by bet slip. sporting stepped in to do the needful, when frankfurt wasnt ready to put the ball in the back of the net


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