UEFA Champions League | Bayern Munich v Barcelona | Highlights

Highlights of the match between Bayern Munich and Barcelona taking place at the Fußball Arena München (Allianz Arena).

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  1. A lot of barca haters here and most support teams like man united. Y'all can't even beat Sociedad to gain your own happiness the right way. Dembele was tragic to be sincere, Raphinha needed better finishing and Lewy had what I would call stage fright. Barca played well first half, missed chances. Bayern played well second half, took chances

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  3. All the shooting practices you guys do in training is to play this rubbish, How did Pedri even manage to put that ball onto the bar, Lewandowski missing on a big night and Raphinha and Dembele suddenly becoming ineffective on the night. Glad Bayern won so that those dummies would understand what it means to take chances when you have them

  4. Like I said earlier today, Bayern aren't pushovers when it comes to UCL. Barca lost as predicted. For all of you who are thinking that Barca is going to be winning this UCL, you're not serious. The best teams didn't win the last UCL, it was won't by the most clinical, hard working and lucky team (Real madrid).
    Bayern aren't even in form and Barca is still losing to them, imagine what in-form Bayern will do to them. Well, Barca had a great but unfortunate game, they should focus on inter if they want to qualify for the next. SAN SIRO is not going to be an easy cake.

  5. Barcelona we're clever about one thing. Playing Dembele on the right cause he couldn't outrun Davies on the Left. … But either than that, Neuer is a brick wall. We prevail, once again… I hope Coman will be back, 2nd time we play Barcelona. We need to end them off with 4-0 or something like that. I'm tired of Barcelona fans getting hyped up after these small games they win — having the nerve to disrespect us🤦🏽.


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